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How Parents can Encourage Their Children for Reading

Children can get bored easily if parents and teachers does not pay proper attention to them and encourage them for reading. We talked with many parents regarding this find out some steps which are helpful in encouraging the children so that they can put their interest in reading.

Here are some steps which are helpful for parents to encourage their children for reading must read books.

Follow Must Read Children Book list:

The first step parents should follow is to use only must read or recommended books. These books are reviewed by book experts, parents, teachers and other readers. Check the must reading children book lists and find the suitable ones for your kids. The right choice of books will encourage your children to read it.

Make Reading Fun:

Always try to make the reading time as a fun time. You can plan some activities like vocabulary test, matching funny images with words etc. while reading with your kids. These fun activities related to reading will encourage your kids and put their interest in reading.

Spend Quality Time with Kids:

Spend some quality time around 30 minutes every day with your kids while reading. This will help you to find if your children are on right track and you can find the problems they are facing while reading. As the kids will face fewer problems, definitely they will not lose their interest in reading.

Find some Interesting Videos:

You can find some good videos related to the book that your children are reading. You may not find video for every book but if you will find one, it would be great for you to encourage your kids to complete that book.

Right Choice of Books:

The right choice of books always encourages the children for reading. Talk to your kids and find their interests and hobbies. Choose the rights books from must read book list and gift them on some special occasions. Most of the kids like to read story books that include interesting pictures in it. Always find the best suitable book for them.


All children like gifts. You can give a new book on some special occasions. This will give a positive energy in them. You can give gifts on the completion of a book. The children will be curious to get gifts and this will encourage them for reading the whole book.

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