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This Holiday, give your child the gift of a great book. There is nothing more wonderful then introducing a new book and encouraging kids to love reading. We’ve listed our favorite children’s’ books in our “Must Read” lists by grade and age to help you find the next great book for your young readers’ bookshelf.
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Reading Tips:


  • Find great books that fit your child’s interest. Don’t worry about grade level as much as content. If your child enjoys the reading experience he/she will do it more often. Take the time to find the book series and authors that get your child excited about picking up books. The “Must Read” book lists will help you find the titles that get your child enthusiastically reading and asking for new releases in their favorite series! Every reluctant reader is only a great book away from changing his/her attitude about books.
  • One of the many ways you can support and encourage your child to read is to lead by example.  If they see others enjoy reading with enthusiasm, it is likely that they will do the same. Haven’t we have been saying all along that our children are the future?
  • Other ways to help is to volunteer in your child’s classroom once or twice a month. Being involved goes a long way to towards his success and well-being. We all lead busy lives now a days but taking out just 30 minutes or an hour a day in the best investment you can give to your child. Take turns writing each other letters or even a postcard and make it fun by mailing them. Doing this will build on their vocabulary and help immensely with their reading skills.
  • How about every hour of video game playing must be matched by one hour of book reading? Or match their reading time with television time.  Start a routine, the earlier in life you can set this precedent the easier it will be as your child grows and becomes a teenager. The more we are involved with our child’s future the easier and more beneficial it will be to him as he grows up and makes a life of his own.  The more parents and teachers are involved in their child’s life, the more our children will have higher attendance rates, much higher grades, and far less behavior problems at school.
New Book Review

New Book Review